Blog 10 – Playing Twine Games

The first game I played on Twine was called “I Think I’ll Stop Off On The Way.” The game was sort of a puzzle mixed with a short-story narrative. I acted as the protagonist in this story, which involved me arriving at an abandoned building and looking for tools/clues to help me get into a boarded shut bathroom. After going into three empty rooms I found a blade and a screw. I use these to get into the bathroom, where I find a very deep hole carved out into the floor in one of the stalls. I decide against going into it and leave. The second game was called “Juice Simulator,” this game was a bit more comedic in nature and wasn’t really a challenge. It was very similar to a Clickhole interactive quiz, where I was asked subjective questions and then reprimanded if I didn’t answer how the quiz wanted me to answer. In this case, the game was explaining the benefits of “juicing” with various fruits and vegetables. To get through the game I had to agree that I wanted to juice and select the right ingredients for my drink. In the end it all seemed rather pointless. The first game had a clear goal, which greatly differed it from the second. The game was somewhat interactive and it also wanted to tell an actual story. I found it to be decently immersive and well put together as far as these types of games go. The second game didn’t really have a goal or purpose, other than to promote juicing. It seemed like it couldn’t decide whether or not to be information and provide me with knowledge about juicing or was just made as a joke. I still cannot tell what the author’s actual opinion on juicing is. The first game was pretty much impossible to lose, while the juicing game actually put me in situations where I had to go back and try again. Even though it might make sense for the narrative game to have a win/lose structure, I still thought the game was more engaging than the juicing one because I cared about the story and it provide the illusion that I was making important choices that would have later implications. My twine game, involving a Wikipedia “speed race” simulation, is going to be very different from these games. In a sense mine will not have a narrative, but be a recreation of the interface of another website. Because of this, there is not much I am drawing from these games. I do know, however, that I will not be adding color or interesting text to my game like these two did. This is because I want to match the bland interface of Wikipedia.


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