In Class Writing 10/18

Through this unit I’ve learned that simply having good footage does not mean piecing together a video is going to take care of itself. There is still a lot of work that goes into cutting together and editing something into a complete product, and often times this requires far more research and consideration than simply going out and gathering the footage. This surprised me, because I figured that obtaining footage would be largely the most difficult part of this assignment. As a mode, video provides affordances that others can’t entirely match. In my written rationale for the project, I discussed how video helped with my story in particular because my documentary was focused on a video journalist. Because I used video, I was able to show an excerpt of the kind of subject matter I was actually about. In this case, video allowed me to step in and fill the role of video journalist in a documentary about video journalism. No other mode could allow me to go so in depth about my specific topic and have as much of an impact on my audience. However, video doesn’t stand simply by itself. It needs to be coupled with audio to be fully effective, and in my case, text can be applied to deliver a message in a dramatic tone. There were probably 8 or 9 text slides in my documentary that would not have worked if I simply put them up as a voice over. Quoting from other journalists and articles is best done when it can be read, and this mode of writing is quite different from the mode of video when one compares the two. Oddly enough, I plan to shoot a short film some time early next summer after I graduate. Although I won’t be doing most of the editing, I will be in the editing room and directing the project and setting up shots for the purpose of editing. From my experience here, I know how important it is to gather footage that I will recognize when I look at it for the first time on the back end. Although the project is a fictional narrative and therefore a bit different from this project, many of the rules of editing still apply.


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