10/4 In-Class Writing

I believe that this piece of writing was assigned for reading because of its ability to give a quick overview of filmic techniques without delving too deeply outside the parameters of this class. At the end of the day this isn’t a film class and the documentary project makes up a fraction of the whole, so assigning a reading that can teach those who know little about film aesthetics in a short amount of time will be a great benefit for them moving forward. This reading relates more heavily to narrative film as opposed to documentary filmmaking, however, it is still applicable in it’s discussion and stressing of the importance of editing. Editing in documentaries is just as important as editing in narrative film, and many of the key concepts relating to shot distances still apply and B-roll footage is pretty much equal to footage used in fictional moviemaking. I’ve taken a number of film classes from high school to community college and now at UIUC. Perhaps not all of my classes have directly addressed the film-as-language concept quite as literally as this reading did, but in some way every film class stresses the importance of giving the audience information in a clear and presentable way that is easily digestible. If one were to argue that this means presenting it in ways that can be clearly labeled: who, why, what, when, where and how; I would be inclined to agree with them.


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