Video Documentary Proposal

The subject matter of my proposed documentary is a ride along on a ‘night crawl.’ A friend of mine from high school has taken up the hobby of listening to police radio broadcasts and following them to get footage of crimes, car crashes, and other dramatic scenarios. His motive is based off his interest in the film Nightcrawler, which deals with this exact concept. The main argument I would like to propose for him is: Is it worth it? The whole activity can be quite dangerous depending on what calls you choose to follow and what neighborhoods you decide to drive through. My hope is to find out my friends entire reasoning for doing this in his own words, and then film him doing a night crawl and his reactions to various events. Since he started this activity very recently, I’m hoping that he will have some sort of statement to make about his experience when we are done concerning whether or not doing this is worth his time and effort given the difficultly of capturing footage and the danger in attempting to do so. The audience for this documentary would be anyone who has seen the film Nightcrawler and might be interested in how the activity would work in the real world. Anyone who is intrigued by the excitement of TV shows such as COPS and other crime dramas would probably be interested in seeing this type of documentary as well. I would expect my audience to mostly consist of young adults and teenagers, primarily male. I plan to get footage of my friend being interviewed prior to his night crawl and interview footage from after the night crawl. I also plan to gather footage of the actual crawl from the passenger seat of his car. I really hope to get some footage of an actual criminal or emergency event, however I might have to cut some things if it is actually quite graphic. My biggest concern going into this is that I am going to have some trouble keeping things excited. Since I am developing an argument for the piece concerning the dangers of night crawling, it won’t work out too well if nothing relatively dangerous happens. If this is the case, I’ll have to make the documentary largely about my friend, the subject, and how he got into the activity and what he plans to get out of it in the long run. I would also like to get footage of him attempting to sell his own crime footage to a news outlet, but I realize that this will be fairly difficult given the time constraints of this project, and also impossible if he doesn’t actually obtain any footage that is worth buying for someone. I don’t envision many problems in either the interviewing or editing process of the documentary. The footage is fairly linear since there is a singular activity that we’ll be doing together and therefore should be fairly easy to edit. I also think the interview will go smoothly because I know the subject on a personal level and should be able to get him to open up fairly easily.


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