3 Ideas For Video Documentary

Idea 1 – Examining the effects of Video Games on college students and their workload. For my first idea I would broach the topic of video game usage among college students and how it inhibits or encourages learning. The ways it might inhibit learning are fairly clear to assume: takes up too much time, distracting, drains energy. The ways it might encourage learning would be far more interesting to examine in students. Perhaps video game usage encourages learning by reducing stress. Perhaps when students play online with one another they get social interaction that they wouldn’t otherwise be afforded without having to leave their apartments. In any case, I know several people who actively play large amounts of video games. I could gather a nice collection of interviews and footage of gaming taking place if I carefully select whom I’d like to talk to and what their degree of involvement in video games is exactly. I think this idea would not only be something I could execute well, but I think I could develop some sort of a decently compelling argument in doing so.


Idea 2 – Inside a University of Illinois Football Game. For this concept I would take my camera to the football field on October 8th for the University of Illinois versus Purdue football game. I would document the game from the tailgate to my entrance into the field to each quarter and ultimately the game’s end. Although I would not use interviews for this concept, I would intercut footage of fans of all ages, including the student section and families, and well as footage of the team through warm-ups and every significant play. I would probably have the camera rolling throughout the majority of the game in order to make sure I capture every major play that happens on the field. It will be important not to just capture game footage that could essentially be used in replacement of the football teams own footage, but footage that shows both gameplay and fans reaction equally. In this way, the documentary concept should work more as an advertisement for University of Illinois football than just a retelling of my own personal experience at the game or a highlight reel of my favorite plays.


Idea 3 – Weekend at the Quad. For this idea I would document all of the activities that happen over the course of a single weekend at the university quad. From Friday morning until Sunday evening I would periodically stop by the quad (which is less than a 3 minute walk from my apartment) and gather footage of whatever is taking place at that time. Luckily, weekends are a little more interesting than weekdays on the quad. Where during the week there is simply students coming and going to and from class each day, with some interesting activity likely in the evenings, during the weekends there would be a much larger variety of activities going on throughout each day. My goal with this project would be to gather a snapshot of what the quad is generally like at the beginning and end of the year when the weather is nice and activities are likely more abundant that during the colder winter months.


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