In-Class Reflective Writing 9/20

The primary thing I learned about sound this unit was how much of it passes through my ears without me consciously realizing it. As humans in the 21st century we have a lot of media intake going on almost the entire day. In another one of my classes we’ve been taught that media exposure for the average person is over 10 hours a day. This means that we can’t really harness and digest everything were taking in. Through this I believe we’ve become very selective with what we choose to pay attention to, particularly with sound on a daily basis. Sound is particularly unique as a mode in that it can be felt in more ways than one. As we learned in out readings, people can use multimodal listening techniques such as sight and feel to experience sound in many ways beyond simply what their ears can hear. I would have been nice to delve deeper into podcasts in this project. In fact, I think the assignment would have been more interesting if we had been assigned groups to make a podcast using various components of sound. Perhaps we could have been assigned a general topic as a class, and then went on to use music, sound effects, our voice and other ambient noises to create a story. This would have gone along with our reading by Jonathan Alexander, who explained the various facets involved in production and layering of sound.


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