In-Class Writing: 9/6

After today’s sound walk I realize that I will probably have to adjust some of my multimodal listening and recording practices going forward. So far, I’ve listened without as much attention as I really should when moving about and observing campus. During the sound walk I discovered how hard it is to really focus only on the noises and block out everything else around me. I’ll probably have to stay out on my walks a little bit longer than usual and listen intently until I feel that I can really focus on what I’m hearing and only what I’m hearing. As far as recording is concerned, I also realized through today’s walk and also through today’s exercise with the Soundcities website that recording too much of the same thing can get repetitive and dull. As we walked around I felt like I heard a lot of the same noises over and over again. When I start recording again for the final project, I’ll have to make sure to get as many different sounds as possible, not just a handful of similar sounds with minimal variance. As a whole, I found the more organized sound walk to be a big benefit to my overall understanding of how to approach the sound mapping project going forward.


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